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AI-Use in the field of industrial painting technology using the example of the research project “Na logisch” - paint development with sustainable raw materials and efficient processes

Dr. Meiko Hecker, AOM-Systems GmbH;
Dr. Dmitrij Ivanov, PI Probaligence GmbH

The targeted use of artificial intelligence allows precise predictions of production processes and efficient test planning to optimize formulations. This path to resource-efficient and environmentally friendly development is being pursued as part of the “Na Logisch” project. Several SMEs and research institutions are working together in a multidisciplinary manner on an innovative paint development supported by probabilistic machine learning. By using probabilistic methods, test plans are set up in an adaptive, forecast-optimized manner, so that a reduction in unnecessary tests and general data-efficient optimization are the focus. In this presentation, probabilistic machine learning in the field of paint and color development will be presented using the “Na Logisch” project.



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