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In the realm of advancing machine learning, STOCHOS stands out as an exceptional machine learning approach that not only pushes the boundaries of technology but also pioneers groundbreaking solutions for companies across all industries. Focusing on internally developed probabilistic machine learning methods, Bayesian optimization, sensitivity analyses, and experimental design, we at PI Probaligence have earned a reputation as a trailblazer in efficiency and applicability.

The strength of STOCHOS lies in the remarkable sample efficiency of its solutions. By delivering accurate and reliable results even with limited datasets, it optimizes resource utilization and accelerates innovation cycles for companies. This approach empowers companies to make data-driven decisions without heavy reliance on extensive expert knowledge.

PI Probaligence envisions a future where companies can reap the benefits of machine learning effortlessly. By developing solutions that are not only powerful but also user-friendly, PI Probaligence provides a platform for data-driven innovation, leading the way for companies to embrace an era of data-driven excellence.

we created a new approach to Machine Learning

Deep Infinite Mixture of Gaussian Processes

Navigating machine learning challenges requires selecting the right algorithm and understanding diverse data, from numerical values like chemical formulations to complex entities like FEM simulations or 3D material properties.

The DIM-GP (Deep Infinite Mixture of Gaussian Processes) algorithm addresses this challenge by enabling users, even those with limited expertise, to efficiently address a variety of advanced technological problems. In contrast to other algorithms, DIM-GP is designed to handle vast datasets with minimal hardware requirements. Its notable capability, however, lies in constructing highly accurate models from limited data points—an essential feature given the high costs and scarcity of real experiments and simulations.

To complement DIM-GP, a suite of algorithms for optimized experimentation, efficient optimization, and sensitivity analysis has been seamlessly integrated into the Stochos software package. This integration ensures a cohesive collaboration of algorithms, collectively pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the field.

Our Famous optimizer

Optimizer PI-BO

Our proprietary Bayesian optimizer PI-BO is a probabilistic model-based optimization technique used to optimize complex, expensive, and noisy objective functions. It’s particularly useful when the evaluation of the objective function is time-consuming or resource-intensive.

Bayesian optimization is particularly effective in scenarios where the objective function is expensive to evaluate, and the goal is to minimize the number of evaluations needed to find the optimum. And furthermore it can also be utilized to generate a digital twin in the most efficient way.


new tool released

Multi Fidelity

Multi-fidelity refers to the utilization of models or simulations with varying levels of accuracy or computational expense. This approach involves employing a combination of low-fidelity, less accurate, and computationally inexpensive models alongside high-fidelity, more accurate, and computationally expensive models. By integrating information from models with different fidelity levels, the goal is often to strike a balance between accuracy and computational efficiency in tasks such as optimization, uncertainty quantification, or surrogate modeling. This allows for more efficient exploration and exploitation of the solution space in complex problems.

User-friendly Interface


The WebApp for Stochos offers a variety of powerful tools, covering tasks like improving performance, analyzing what matters, and ensuring reliability. These tools are carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with DIM-GP for top-notch results.

Our aim is to make these advanced tools user-friendly, so you can benefit from them without needing expert knowledge. Plus, everything is built in Python, making it easy to integrate into your existing software and workflows

Easy to use GUI for our WebApp Stochos

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Use the latest state-of-the-art development in the field of AI for your industry
What is your company's primary focus? At our core, we bring a track record of proven success across diverse industries, harnessing the power of our unique machine learning technology. This enables us to not only address but excel in multiple applications within the following listed industries, providing tailored solutions that drive tangible value and propel businesses toward unprecedented growth and innovation.


We enhance simulation software by optimizing modeling accuracy, predicting complex system behaviors, and accelerating simulation runtime


We improve decision-making, and navigation capabilities in real time running on a sensors microchip for safer and more efficient results in autonomous driving.

Materials Science

We aid material science, like composites, by predicting material properties, optimizing formulations, and accelerating research and development processes, leading to the creation of stronger, lighter, and more durable materials


We work on turbomachinery by optimizing design parameters, predicting performance, detecting anomalies, and enabling predictive maintenance, resulting in increased efficiency, reliability, and longevity


We work on medical applications by aiding in disease diagnosis, predicting patient outcomes,, and analyzing medical imaging, leading to more accurate diagnoses, improved patient care


We support chemical development by predicting formulation properties, optimizing conditions, and accelerating the discovery of new compounds, leading to more efficient processes, and reduced costs

Sports Medicine

We support sports medicine by analyzing athlete performance data, predicting injury risk, personalizing training programs, and optimizing rehabilitation protocols

Textile Industry

We support the textile industry with digital twins by creating digital twins of textile manufacturing processes. This enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimization of production
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A New Era in Machine Learning

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