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Minimize your Trials

We experience a paradigm shift in data acquisition as our machine learning algorithm optimizes each experiment, ensuring that the amount of information gained is maximized.

Compared to common colorimetry software, we can use AI to optimize your formulations not only for color accuracy, but also for all other properties such as gloss, opacity, viscosity and production costs. We can also achieve good results in the area of metallic coatings and color values using multi-angle measuring devices.

STOCHOS has substantiated its effectiveness in the coating industry, yielding tangible results for prominent players in the market. With the capability to automatically identify your input/output relations, our software requires only your domain knowledge, eliminating the need for any expert AI knowledge.

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Keep your data where it belongs

STOCHOS runs on your local server

We recognize that in the coating industry, your formulations and recipes represent crucial intellectual property. With us, there’s no need to upload your sensitive data outside your company. Additionally, thanks to our probabilistic approach, computation times, even on a desktop, are remarkably short.

Modernizing Colors Together

Simplifying Experiments with Smart Technology

In our efforts to bring fresh ideas to the color world, we’ve teamed up with a few innovative companies. Together, we’re testing out new ways to use smart technology, specifically Machine Learning (ML), to make designing color experiments easier.

Colors can be tricky, and planning experiments can take a lot of time. Our goal is to use ML to make this process smoother and more precise, helping us get the colors we want without all the hassle.

We also know that the colors you create are like your secret recipe. That’s why our smart solutions stay within your company’s secure space, making sure your special color formulas are kept safe.

The good news is, these test projects have shown some real benefits. Things like getting things done faster, bringing new colors to market quicker, and making sure we get the colors just right. It’s like teaming up with a friendly helper that knows its way around colors.

As we keep moving forward on this colorful journey, these projects show that teaming up with technology can make a big difference. We’re excited about the possibilities and working together to make the world of colors even more vibrant and stress-free.

Smart Paint Factory Alliance

We are part of the Smart Paint Factory Alliance (SPFA), an association of institutes, companies and stakeholders from the paint and coatings industry.

A New Era in Machine Learning

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