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Results after 4 adaptations with partner Adler Lacke

Within the Smart Paint Factory Alliance (smartpaintfactory.com) together with ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik (www.adler-lacke.com), we used our own developed ML algorithms and methods for adaptive experimental design for color matching. We are proud that only after only 4 adaptations we came already very close and partly even better than the results of commercial color matching software using standard formulas. But our big advantage is that not only the color can be optimized, but also other measured variables, such as opacity, gloss, viscosity, abrasion resistance and, of course, manufacturing costs. Everything that can be measured can also be used in the optimization. Ideally, this is also done with the simultaneous optimization of the process parameters. In one of our other research projects Na, Logisch! ( https://lnkd.in/e2t99kn9) we put all our effort on this topic and are working to improve our methods even further.

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