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Join our Presentation 20th June, 11:35am

Universal Machine Learning based on Probabilistic Intelligence

The presentation will introduce the data-driven ML software solution STOCHOS. The core of STOCHOS is the self-developed algorithm, Deep Infinite Mixture of Gaussian
Processes (DIM-GP), which successfully combines different ML approaches with a strong focus on  sample- and resource-efficient machine learning. It supports the R&D expert as an intelligent co-pilot and takes over the adjustment of all ML-relevant parameters. The user does not need to have any knowledge of ML and can concentrate exclusively on his expert knowledge. In this presentation, the variety of applications and performance of STOCHOS will be shown using examples.

Language: German
Time: 11.35am
Location: Obersee Campus.
Oberseestrasse 10, Postfach 1475, 8640 Rapperswil-Jona
Referent: Dr, Dmitrij Ivanov, PI Probaligence GmbH


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